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Social Justice, Equality, Empowerment and Inclusive Economic Growth of Women, Person with Disabilities, elderly people and their social mainstreaming in Society.


Better Life is an organization which supports right based, barrier free inclusive environment for women and person with disabilities bringing them in the social mainstreaming. Better Life focused on independent living, inclusive education and sports, skill development and vocational training of person with disabilities to improve their living standards so that they can live their life with self-determination and dignity. Better Life is a voice of Person with Disabilities to provide them social and economic rights by providing them a platform where they are given proper advocacy and counselling to raise their self-confidence and bring them out from mental and emotional depression, they faced due to the behaviors of society. It is hard for them to accept their disabilities at some stage of life due to which they feel low self-esteem and confidence that’s why they are always unable to play their constructive role in the society

Better Life revitalize their lives through social transformation by enhancing their self-confidence via advocacy, peer counselling and capacity building. Better Life also conduct awareness sessions to impart the same knowledge to the society.  Better Life is contributing to bring them in social mainstreaming through skill development, vocational trainings and inclusive sports, thus enhance their mental and organizational abilities so that they live their lives interpedently and ensure their vital role in the economic growth of Country.


Chishtian city is located in Bahawalnagar district Punjab Pakistan. It is an underprivileged city of Pakistan. It has limited hospitals and educational institutes. According to Pakistan’s 2017 census, its total population was 691,221. The majority of its population belongs to rural areas consisting of villages and small towns. The literacy rate is very low in all these areas because of limited resources and educational institutes. As there is also the least number of health care centers and hospitals so disability ratio is also very high in Chishtian and its surrounding rural areas.

Due to the low literacy rate, the major issue in the area is the lack of awareness in the Disabled and Non-Disabled communities regarding different kinds of disabilities and its proper management. They do not know how to treat their person with disability family members. Even person with disabilities (PWDs) do not know about their basic needs and rights of their life. Most PWDs are kept closed in their homes for years spending lives being isolated in their rooms, they are not given proper education and they are not involved in day to day activities. They are also not taken out of their rooms for months or years for fresh air and light that’s why they are spending their lives in intense depression and darkness. Most of them are not given proper food, their family members do not take care of their cleanliness. They are also not given proper medicines necessary for their disability due to limited income resources.

Mobilities of PWDs are so limited in these areas that neither they can take active participation in day-to-day activities nor they can freely move even in their own homes to live their life independently due to unavailability of inaccessible environment and appropriate wheelchairs. Because they do not have enough knowledge about their disabilities and its management properly. 

The majority of the population belongs to poor families who cannot bear daily living expenses and this is the major reason that they cannot afford to bear expenses related to their disabled child or family members. As a result, most of the person with disabilities are being ignored, imprisoned in their rooms and they are not given proper education and skills. Even they are not being provided by proper wheelchairs for indoor and outdoor mobilities which is their basic necessity of their life for healthy survival, as a result they cannot become physically and financially independent in their lives.


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