Better Life Services

Social Justice, Equality, Empowerment and Inclusive Economic Growth of Women, Person with Disabilities, elderly people and their social mainstreaming in Society.

Independent Living Centre

Better Life also aims to develop center of independent living to provide accessible living and working environment to person with disabilities of district Bahawalnagar for their personal and professional growth as there is no concept of independent living style of Person with disabilities in surrounding rural areas of district Bahawalnagar. It includes accessible building to fulfill all household chores and other daily activities like cooking, cleaning and office work etc

Accessible Washrooms

Similarly, accessible washrooms are very important for PWDs as it will reduce the duty of their parents who put their children on their laps to take them to the washroom. Appropriate wheelchairs and accessible washrooms can minimize the duty of guardians of PWDs along with the dependency of PWD on their family members. So Better Life Welfare Foundation will make their washrooms accessible by installing commodes in their washrooms.


Attendant service facility at door step of PWDs will not only solve major problems like immobility and cleanliness issues related to PWDs but it will also solve earning problems for maids and family members. Thus, it will create major employment opportunities to unemployed people of district Bahawalnagar. So attendant service will create employment in the region.

Installation of Ramps

An accessible environment is a very important part of the life of a PWDs.98% of the dependency of PWDs is due to the presence of hurdles and irregular places which has to face wheelchair user inside and outside of their homes. Inaccessible places like stairs at different locations restrict the mobilities of PWDs.

Homes should be accessible for PWDs so that they become least dependent on their family members. To reduce their dependency Better Life guide guardians of PWDs to make their homes accessible by installing appropriate ramps at appropriate locations of their homes. Such ramps will increase indoor mobilities of PWDs that can help them to move freely in their homes to get fresh air and the sunlight. It will bring happiness and revitalize their life.