Better Life Services


Revitalizing Lives Through Social Transformation

Better Life purpose is to revitalize the lives of person with disabilities by promoting their inclusive social development in the mainstream society. We aim to create a society where persons with disabilities have equal access to opportunities, resources, and services, and are valued for their economic contribution to the society.

Better Life is committed to working with person with disabilities, their families and caregivers to identify and address the barriers to their social and economic inclusion. We strive to provide support, resources, and tools to help individuals having certain disabilities build their capacity to lead fulfilling and independent lives that will have long lasting impact on them and effect change in society as a whole. In this way, we can improve their quality of life by addressing social inequalities they have to face in their social and domestic life.

Through our programs and initiatives for person with disabilities, we strive to foster a culture of empathy, compassion, social responsibility and inclusion. We believe that by promoting this social transformation, we can minimize the obstacles that limit the participation of person with disabilities in all aspects of society, including education, employment, and social activities. Thus, we can create a more just and equitable society where every person with disability have the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential. We are committed to this goal and will continue to work tirelessly to promote positive social change and improve the living standards of person with disabilities of rural and urban areas.

Especially People with Disabilities in rural areas often face multiple layers of discrimination and marginalization, which exacerbate their poverty and exclusion from mainstream society. Our organization is committed to working with diverse communities and individuals to identify the root causes of social issues such as poverty, discrimination, and marginalization. Removing poverty in the lives of people with disabilities in rural areas is an important objective that requires a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach. The first step towards achieving this goal is to understand the unique challenges faced by people with disabilities in rural areas. This includes lack of access to education and training, limited economic opportunities, and inadequate infrastructure and services. To address these challenges, it is necessary to develop and implement targeted interventions, such as vocational training programs, microfinance initiatives, promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities and improved infrastructure and services and ensuring equal access to health care and social protection programs. By taking a holistic and inclusive approach to poverty reduction, we can help improve the lives of people with disabilities in rural areas and promote their full and equal participation in society.

Better Life is dedicated to raising awareness of the needs and rights of Person with Disabilities and to advocating for policies and programs that promote their full and equal participation in society. We work in partnership with government, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders to develop innovative solutions that promote social transformation and implement inclusive and accessible policies and practices that promote the social and economic well-being of person with disabilities in rural and urban areas.