Better Life Services

Social Justice, Equality, Empowerment and Inclusive Economic Growth of Women, Person with Disabilities, elderly people and their social mainstreaming in Society.

1st Wheelchair Distribution

In June 2020, Better Life organized first wheelchair distribution in Chishtian in which ten to eleven families were invited in its office to distribute wheelchairs to 14 persons with disabilities.  Better Life arranged a get together in which parents of disabled persons met each other for the first time in Chishtian city. They shared and discussed their problems with each other on that occasion. It was the very first event organized in Chishtian for disabled persons community.

Member of Better Life Nadia Yaseen explained them briefly about different kind of disabilities and how they could manage them at their home. She convinced parents to treat their disabled children gently and do not isolate them in their rooms. She asked them to make these disabled children active members of your homes and also prepare them to face all challenges of life.

2nd Wheelchair Distribution

In July 2020, Better Life visited homes of person with disabilities living in rural areas near Chishtian City. Better Life distributed wheelchairs to some person with disabilities. In this visit, Nadia Yaseen gave them awareness sessions regarding basic rights of person with disabilities and their disability management. You can see glimpses of this visit in these pictures.

Inclusive sports

The major dilemma of our Pakistani society is that people belong to any community do not accept person with disabilities as human being. Most of the families do not involve their disabled children in daily routine activities, kept them isolated and abundant in a room due to which most of the disabled persons became psychologically upset in their life. They do no give their most basic rights of their life which is enjoying fresh air due to unavailability of accessible environment in public places.

Physical activities like exercises, indoor and outdoor sports are healthy activities that boost the moral and confidence of women and Persons with disabilities by bringing them in mainstream. Organizing such events enhances social inclusion, talent, capabilities and confidence of person with disabilities.

Wheelchair tournaments are organized every year in countries in different cities where teams from different cities of country participate. These tournament provides persons with disabilities an opportunity to participate each year with zeal and zest. It includes different sports of persons with disabilities and wheelchair cricket stands as the major activity.