Better Life Services

Social Justice, Equality, Empowerment and Inclusive Economic Growth of Women, Person with Disabilities, elderly people and their social mainstreaming in Society.

Peer Counselling

Better Life build interactive relationship between age groups of women, Person with disabilities and elderly persons to induce positive change in life of peers by discussing stories and experiences of their lives by developing hope and strength in personalities of one another. These sessions along with peers helps them to learn with their experiences and move forward in life with strong believe and faith. These sessions help person with disabilities to start living their life with more encouragement and self-confidence.

Disability Management Training

Most of the PWDs in the urban and rural areas are spending lives isolated in homes inside their rooms. They remained out of contact from the outdoor world that’s why they become mentally restarted being imprisoned in their homes. Their lives have been lost in the darkness because they are living like a prisoner.

Better Life gives self-management training to Person with Disabilities in which Better Life guides them on how they can manage and improve their living standards inside their home according to the nature of their disability. It includes one-to-one sessions with them at their homes for their well-being. 

Advocacy and Disability Awareness

Better Life provide all guidelines to the parents of Person with Disabilities related to their upbringing and updating their living standards so that they can become active part of society.

Better Life helps parents and family members advocate on behalf of the person with disability for their particular issues and their social rights especially in rural areas because people of rural areas have least awareness about their social rights due to the lack of accessible environment and necessary resources for person with disabilities.

Attendant Service

Better Life Provides attendant service too many severely disabled persons at their homes for their daily works like eating, toileting, shifting, and cloth changing on daily basis. As PWDs are considered as burden on parents or family members due to their dependency on them. Anyone among parents or other family members who are looking after their disabled child could not focus on their livelihood as some of the PWDs need 24/7 attendant for them due to their nature of disability that’s why family members who are attending such person with disabilities could not give time to their earning for their personal life or they could not give priority to their life from any perspective.

Independent Living Training

To develop inclusive environment for all, Better Life provide trainings to promote independent living of women and Person with disabilities through their advocacy, counselling, and mobility trainings so that they can freely move in society to fulfill their personal and financial needs. It includes promoting social independence of women with disabilities for their personal needs to visit shopping malls and local markets that will help to boost their confidence and groom their personalities.

Mobility Training

It includes shifting training of people having less severe disabilities who can move indoor and outdoor for their daily needs. Better Life provides them mobility training, which include shifting training from bed to wheelchair, from wheelchair to washroom, from wheelchair to vehicles, these training improve their confidence because they become living freely without depending on any attendants. This training help them to increase their mobilities so that they can move outside of their homes to get education and learn skills for their professional growth.

Skill Development and Vocational Training

It includes vocational trainings for women and women with disabilities, special trainings on hard and soft skills that will help women, PWDs and elderly people to become financially independent member of society.